The conference will be held at the SPLENDID Conference & SPA Resort, which is situated in the small town Becici on the most beautiful part of the Montenegrin coast, just 3 kilometres away from the touristic capital of Montenegro, Old Town of Budva and 6 kilometres away from Sveti (Saint) Stefan. The SPLENDID Cnference & SPA Resort was opened in 2016, stays on the sea front and has its own private beach.

The official currency in Montenegro is EUR.


There are two international airports in Montenegro with worldwide connections: airport Podgorica is about 60 km (50 driving minutes) and airport Tivat is about 20 km (15 driving minutes) away from the conference venue hotel SPLENDID Conference &  SPA Resort.

Much of the architecture in the Old Town is of Venetian design. Three main churches in the old town are well known: the  St. Ivan's built in the 7th century, St. Mary's of Punta dating from 840 and The Holy Trinity built in 1804. The Venetian Walls of the Old Town are a famous tourist attraction.

Budva has around 18,000 (2011) inhabitants. The coastal area around Budva, called the Budvanska rivijera, is the centre of Montenegro's tourism, and is well known for its sandy beaches, diverse nightlife, and examples of Mediterranean architecture. As 3,500 years old, Budva is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic Sea coast.

The Old Town in Budva has many different tales and stories of its origin. Scholars and historians believe it to have originally been an island, which later joined the shore to form a sand isthmus. The Old Town, along with the city of Budva was said to have been discovered by a Greek sailor by the name of Boutoua.

Budva has a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters, and 230 sunny days in a year. In September the average daily temperature lies between 18 and 28 deg C and the mean share of sunhours during the day is more than 65%. In the period from May to October the average temperature of the see is more than 18 deg C.

Location of the 3rd International Conference S.ARCH-2016 is Becici in the Budva region, a Montenegrin coastal town on the Adriatic Sea.


Budva lies in the Central European Time zone (GMT+1).


Becici bb
85310 Budva

T +382 33 773777



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25-27 May 2016, Budva / Montenegro

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